5 Important Places You May Not Be Cleaning in Your Home

Let’s be serious for a minute.  No one, and we mean NO ONE, wants to pull out the stove and look at what has accumulated underneath.

However, there are very good reasons to do so, and this article will analyze five such places, and why it’s so important to clean them anyway.

Behind the Stove

Yes, it can be gross, and sticky, and difficult to maneuver in there. But you want to clean behind the stove, because vermin like nothing better than a dark, narrow place with food bits in takeout format.

Regardless of where you live, the kitchen can attract unwanted pests if food debris and grease are not regularly cleaned.  Once a month at least, pull out the stove, quickly sweep and apply a very wet mop, followed by a drier one.

Pay attention to the sides of the stove too, as drips can be tough to get off if left for too long.

Under any sink

Again, no one likes to get on their knees and contort their upper body into the dangerous plumber-crack territory, but sinks can quickly become breeding grounds for smelly and harmful bacteria. Wiping off the plumbing, and taking all those partially-used bottles out of the cabinet can help you notice leaks and get rid of out of date products you don’t need.

holding cleaning products and tools on bucket, close up

Floor edges

Carpeted areas especially need to have special attention given regularly to edges that touch baseboard and door jambs. Whenever you vacuum, you should try to use the edge tool to clean next to walls and entrances.

The carpet can become discolored if this is not done regularly, and even carpet cleaning will not change that.  If you inherited those brownish-grey edges, spray a solution of 10 parts water to 1 part multi-purpose cleaner on the area, and scrub with a narrow scrub brush.

Use a clean dry cloth to mop up the dirty water, and be sure to vacuum with the edge tool when dry.

Upper ledges, doors, and frames

Obviously, dust will accumulate on any horizontal surface. However, if that surface is not in your eye line you may forget to give it a swipe when you are dusting.

That can lead to more frequent dusting being necessary on the surfaces you do see.  Every couple of weeks, use a good duster or wet rag to wipe door frames, picture frames, the top of doors and any moldings on or in them, as well as high horizontal surfaces.

The blades of a ceiling fan need regular cleaning too to avoid recirculating dust to other areas.

Back of the toilet

Yes, even if no one ever looks back there, there is good reason to clean the back and base of a toilet. Primarily, it is because of the potential for germs and bacteria to spread, but also because when dust accumulates, smells will stick to it.

Every week, when the toilet is cleaned, be sure to wipe the plumbing connecting it to the wall, the floor behind the toilet and all the convoluted edges of the toilet itself.  You will notice it right away and it kicks your bathroom clean over the top!