Deep Cleaning Vs Regular Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Deep clean is likely a word you’ve seen thrown around a lot. Between recommendations for keeping things in good shape to deep cleaning services, it comes up a lot.

However, not everyone is clear on the difference.

It can be a little confusing to decide what counts as a deep clean and a regular clean. After all, surely a regular clean should get things entirely clean.

While there isn’t a definitive scale deciding what is deep cleaning and what is regular, the difference between them is actually quite distinct.

If you want to keep things in good order or hire a cleaning company for something more than a regular clean, then it is important to understand the difference.

Regular Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Services

Regular cleaning is essentially what it says on the tin, it is a normal clean. This is the kind of cleaning you do throughout the day.

It varies from a quick tidy up of anything laid around or washing up the dishes. This can be very minor jobs like cleaning up after yourself.

Regular cleaning also applies to the type of cleaning you do weekly or even less often. It can include things like hovering or mopping.

While these tasks can be performed by a deep cleaning service, this isn’t deep cleaning itself. Deep cleaning goes deeper than these tasks but they are at the surface.

Even more full-on cleaning that is performed regularly like a spring clean isn’t a deep clean either since it is surface level.

Deep Cleaning

A deep clean goes beyond these normally cleaning tasks. It is to remove or clean areas or substances that don’t normally get addressed.

This can be substances that have built up or just as a refresher. Deep cleaning should address any area that might have dirt on it, rather than just those that people come into contact with.

An example would be bathrooms. A regular clean might entail wiping down the tiles and taps. However, a deep clean remove scale from these surfaces, scrub the grouting around them and ensure they’re polished.

This type of cleaning doesn’t need to be done every day. It would be overkill to use a deep cleaning service every day.

However, this type of cleaning can be easily forgotten unless it is addressed regularly. Deep cleaning isn’t an everyday task, but it does need to be done on a schedule.

What Do Deep Cleaning Services Do?

Deep Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning services perform deep cleans in a variety of settings, like apartments or industrial cleaning. Their level of cleaning uses the right tools and brushes to get rid of any dirt.

However, this can entail taking care of small jobs too. While this isn’t really the purpose of deep cleaning, cleaning deeply will clean the surface level dirt too.

Deep cleaning doesn’t need performing every week, just when necessary.

Do You Need a Deep Cleaning Service or a Regular Clean?

What type of cleaning you need to do or if you need to hire a deep cleaning service will depend on your needs. Certain areas that have strict rules about hygiene or safety need deep cleaning more often.

However, for most homes, only a regular clean is required. Typically, the end of a tenancy or construction requires a deep clean. Although this is the exception and not the norm.

There is a clear difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning, understanding it can help you to make better choices about your cleaning.