A Guide to the Fall Cleaning for the Office

While spring cleaning is a common enough phrase, we do not talk enough about fall cleaning.  It is just as important, if not more so, than spring cleaning.

Fall typically means sweaters and colder weather.  It also means germs, flu season, and all sorts of other maladies.

As the temperatures cool, we close the windows and keep the doors shut.  While that keeps us nice and warm, it also means that the dust and dirt increases and there is poorer ventilation.

This year is especially dangerous given the COVID-19 pandemic.  Fall cleaning has never been more important.

Let’s talk about what fall cleaning includes.

What does fall cleaning include?

1. Clean the HVAC System

As we mentioned, the cold weather is coming.  You need to make sure that your HVAC system is in good repair.

There are all sorts of debris that can get clogged in your HVAC system during the summer months.

2. Wash the windows

We have talked before about the do’s and don’ts of window cleaning before.  Keep your windows nice and clear and let all of that sunshine in before winter comes.

Cleaning your windows will mean natural light comes in.  It will increase your employees’ productivity and improve their health.

3. Clean up your desk

We all get busy and our desks usually show it.  We skew papers across our desks, eat our lunches there, and they can get really messy.

Do a deep clean of your desk.  That includes filing all of those papers away.

Throw away all your dead pens and broken office supplies.  Disinfect the surface of your desk.

4. Deep clean the floors

Office floors get a lot of traffic and that dirt builds up.  Of course, you have been cleaning them on a regular basis, but now it is time to do a deep clean.

Thoroughly vacuum and mop the floors and make sure that you get all of that dirt removed.

5. Dust and clean other surfaces

Offices will typically have a lot of other surfaces, think bookcases and filing cabinets.  They will accumulate a lot of dust over time.

Don’t forget about your window coverings and light fixtures.  Venitian blinds are a pain to clean, but again, you do not want to accumulate all that dust.

6. Clean your electronics

Besides being unclean, dust can do a lot of damage to your electronics.  It causes them to run much hotter than they are designed to run and over time will do a lot of damage to your computers.

So, how do you clean your electronics?  Use a compressed air duster to clean your keyboard – you will be surprised what will come out!

Your screen will also need some love.  There are special wipes that you can use to clean your computer screen.

7. Take care of your entrance

First impressions are lasting impressions!  Especially in this weather, you will have leaves and dirt tracking in with your customers.

You do not want to give your future customers a bad first impression.  Keep your front area nice and clean and give it a deep clean!

The weather is getting colder so take advantage of this fall to give your office a deep clean!