High Use Touch Points – Is Your Office Cleaner Covering Them All?

Things have changed at the office. We are all a little more careful, a bit more cautious, and definitely more aware of surfaces that we never were before.

It used to be that most of us considered a clean desk to be one without food crumbs or coffee splashes.  Now, it’s what you can’t see that you are worrying about.

This article will discuss the 10 most common spots you need to know your cleaner has disinfected, and how to assure yourself it’s being done.

1. Door Handles

We all know that it’s the first thing you touch most morning. All professional cleaners will wipe door handles as a matter of course.

You should notice that chrome surfaces are shiny, and less shiny surfaces have no marks or scuffs on them.

2. Door jams

Think about it, while you’re opening the door, what are you doing with your other hand? Not everyone touches the frame around a door, but enough people do that it’s worth checking now and then that your cleaners have a disinfectant spray that gets used there.

3. Telephones

This is probably the most touched surface in any office. Cleaners very rarely miss this one, but if you notice there are still crumbs between the number keys, or the display is hazy, leave a note for next time.

4. Keyboards/Mouse


Generally speaking, you might be the only person touching these items. Yet, a weekly wiping will keep you from re-infecting yourself during cold\flu season, and you will definitely notice if it’s not done weekly – sticky keys are a dead giveaway.

5. Chair armrests

Most modern offices have ergonomic chairs with armrests. They are touched by every single person who sits down.

You should see the surface looking new and unmarked if it has been properly cleaned.

6. Coffee Pot Handles

If anything is touched by everyone in the office, this is it. Hopefully your office has a dishwasher which will disinfect, and hopefully this is done frequently.

7. Copier and Fax Control Panels

Again, most offices have communal machines, and most office cleaners cover this in a thorough clean. However, it is easy enough to check as a damp cloth will almost certainly leave marks on display screens.

Maybe it’s not beautiful, but it is reassurance this HTP has been covered!

8. Desk Edges

Imagine the scenario: you sit down at your desk, the chair begins to roll backward, where do you grab on? Reception areas and desks where clients sit definitely need a good disinfecting daily, and it’s easy enough to spot if you clean it yourself just once.

9. Interac/Point of Sale machines

No explanation needed, but this is one of those items that you may want to clean several times throughout the day.

10. Anything with a volume knob or dial

Radios, speakers, and other audio items might be used throughout the week, and should be disinfected often. Check with your cleaner about their schedule of cleaning these items if you can’t tell when it was done last.