How Often Should Commercial Fitness Equipment Be Cleaned? 10 Tips

In this new post-pandemic era, many business owners are re-evaluating their cleaning procedures. Gym and fitness club owners have been especially hard hit by longer closure times than other businesses, and are facing the new reality of a much more cautious and even slightly paranoid population coming into their facilities.

Of course, let’s establish one thing straight away: each user of gym equipment should be cleaning up after they use it as a courtesy to others. That should be a given.

However, there are still many questions that remain regarding proper cleaning procedures. What is the best approach for these businesses?

And what should the individual user be relied upon to do for their own safety?

This article will consider 10 tips that should help clean fitness equipment.

1. Disinfectant wipes should be readily available within a few steps of each set of machines, and on the racks where free weights and other equipment is stored along with garbage cans for disposal. That way, staff can move quickly through recently used areas, and users are more likely to clean up after themselves as well!

2. Consider creating a “Clean/Dirty” coding system that can be quickly seen and easily used that will tell people the status of each machine. A reversible card with a red side and a green side that would have to be turned to access a machine’s power or controls would be easily recognizable to most users.

3. Provide gloves to cleaning staff that are using the heavier disinfectants, and make them available at each station where disinfectant wipes are for any users with sensitive skin.


4. Cleaned surfaces should actually still appear wet when you are finished wiping the surface. This is a good indicator that enough disinfectant has been applied.

5. High touch surfaces should be cleaned at least hourly, and many gyms have been implementing a staggered entry that allows for a certain number of users in each hourly time slot, with cleaning in between. Floors that are not used for stretching and exercises can be cleaned at the end of the day as normal.

6. Cleaning materials such as mops, towels and cloths should be washed in hot water and completely dried after a single use.

7. Garbage bins should be emptied regularly, depending on the turnover in the facility. At the very least, all single use items should be put outside on a daily basis.

8. Garbage bins should be no-touch, or have foot-operated pedals for opening lids.

9. Since fans are commonly used in gyms, but can actually increase the spread of viruses, these should be sprayed with disinfectant on an hourly basis, or removed altogether in favor of smaller class sizes, air conditioners, and a lower ambient temperature.

10. Post signs encouraging frequent hand washing, and make a hand washing station available near the front desk or check in area.

Whatever challenges your business may face during the next few months and years, a spic and span facility will always succeed in winning and keeping a loyal clientele!