How to Clean a Shower Head

Limescale is the major culprit and has a tendency to build up in the showerhead over time, which can clog it and prevent the original volume of water from flowing properly. 

This will result in poor water pressure and not being able to enjoy a refreshing massaging shower.

Another rooky mistake by most DIY enthusiasts is to attach the showerhead to the plumbing pipe fitting after repairs to the water supply or after a new plumbing installation without flushing the pipes with clean water first. 

The dirt in the pipes will clog up the shower head filter and holes and leave you baffled why the pressure is so bad.

Cleaning your shower head is fortunately easy to improve your water pressure and enjoy a refreshing shower again. Let’s dive right in:

remove shower head

First, remove the showerhead from the plumbing pipe by turning it left with a spanner (Remember Left is Loose)

Next, the cleaning job.

Cleaning Instructions:


For this, you will need a large bowl, vinegar, and water.


Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of water in a small container or bowl. 

Then place the showerhead into the mixture, fully submerged. 

Let it sit for 30 minutes then rinse off with warm water. 

If there is still limescale or buildup blocking the shower holes, take a toothpick and open all the holes that are still blocked one by one.

Cleaning the filter

On the inlet side of the showerhead, you will see a plastic mesh (usually gray or green) that serves as a filter to prevent dirt and stones from blocking the showerhead’s holes. 

Remove the filter from the showerhead, remove the dirt and small stones from the filter by rinsing it under the tap. Insert the filter again.

Once you’re finished, re-attach the showerhead, turning it right this time (Remember Right is Tight) and turn on the water supply. Test it out by running the water for a few minutes to make sure every shower head hole is unblocked, no leaks, and everything is working properly. If everything seems to be in order, you’ve just successfully cleaned your first showerhead!


It’s important to clean your showerhead on a regular basis to prevent any clogs or build-up from occurring. This will ensure that you always have good water pressure and a refreshing shower experience. So when you notice your water pressure is bad, don’t wait – go ahead and give this beginner DIY project a try!