How to Clean Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal ceiling tiles add elegance and texture to any room.  You may wonder how to keep them clean and keep them looking as bright as the day you installed them!

Luckily, this is not difficult to do and does not require any special equipment. In fact, many of the same tips are used when cleaning drop ceiling tiles.

However, there are some differences in cleaning metal ceilings.  Let’s go through how to keep your metal ceiling shiny and looking brand new!

How often should I clean my metal ceiling tiles?

As with anything, you will want to check what the manufacturer recommends.  Generally speaking, cleaning your metal ceiling tiles every three or four months is enough.

What You Will Need

  • ladder
  • drop sheets
  • feather duster or vacuum cleaner
  • lint free cloth
  • dish soap and water
  • metal polish

How to Clean Metal Ceiling Tiles

1. Cover your furniture and floor with drop sheets.  This is so dust does not get on them.

2. Using a feather duster or vacuum cleaner, brush or vacuum the dirt off of the tiles.  Move in one direction so that dirt is not rubbed into your suspended ceiling.

3. Pay special attention to seams and corners as that is where cobwebs and dust can collect.

NOTE: Do not dust metal ceiling tiles that are in the kitchen.  You will simply spread grease – skip step 2 and 3 if your metal ceiling is in the kitchen. 

4. Next, mix together 1 tbsp of dish soap with 1 gallon of water.  Wipe the ceilings with a dampened soft cloth.

Choose the right brush. Never use scouring pads or steel wool – they are too rough and will damage your metal ceiling.

You do not need harsh chemical cleaners.  These will ruin the finish of your metal ceiling.

5. Spray a metal polish and wipe using a dry cloth to shine your metal ceiling tiles. Focus on areas that look dull; you should not need to spray every tile.

NOTE: Choose the right metal polish.  You will want to pick one specifically designed for the type of metal in your tiles.

Staying Safe

Of course, staying safe while cleaning your suspended ceiling is very important.  You want to make sure that you follow the following safety tips:

  • Make sure you have a sturdy ladder and it is placed in a sturdy location
  • Do not stand on the top step of the ladder.
  • Wear a dust mask and goggles to stop dust from going in your eyes and face.
  • If your ceiling is too high to reach by ladder, use an extension pole.
  • Do not let children or pets play in the room while you are cleaning a metal ceiling.

When to Call a Professional

Most of the time, you will be able to clean your suspended ceiling on your own.  There are times when it will make more sense to call a professional.

If you do not have the proper equipment to do the job safely, it is best to call in a professional cleaner.  You do not want to hurt yourself or others!

Dingy metal ceilings can make your room look drab and worn.  Following a regular schedule and cleaning your suspended ceiling using the tips above will make your room look bright and clean!