Clean Vinyl Flooring in 5 Easy Steps

Vinyl flooring is chosen because it is versatile, easy to clean and maintain, and durable.  However, you do need to clean vinyl flooring to keep it well-maintained.

Clean vinyl flooring is straightforward and uses equipment that you probably already have at home!

This post will outline:

  • how to do preventative maintenance on your vinyl flooring
  • how to keep your vinyl flooring clean on a regular basis
  • how to deal with different stains

clean vinyl flooring

Prevention is the Best Medicine

The best way to clean vinyl flooring is to prevent it from getting dirty!  How you do this depends on where your vinyl flooring is and what else is in the room.

It is important to remove dirt and grime on a regular basis.  Left alone, it can wear down and degrade vinyl flooring and it will not last as long.

For entrances way, a good doormat will collect dirt and stop it from getting on your vinyl flooring.

Add felt floor protectors on the legs of any furniture so that your flooring does not get scratched.  If you have to move furniture, do so carefully and consider using a dolly.

Of course, it is best to clean any spills immediately after they happen!

How to Regularly Clean Vinyl Flooring

It’s a good idea to sweep or vacuum your vinyl flooring on a daily basis.  To clean vinyl flooring, you will need:

  • a vacuum, dry mop or broom
  • sponge mop
  • cleaning solution*

First, you will want to use your vacuum, dry mop or broom to sweep or vacuum any dry dirt and debris.

Next, give mop your vinyl flooring with your cleaning solution.  You want your water to be warm, but not too hot.

Make sure your mop is not overly wet.  Extra water will go into the seams and edges and damage your floor.

Regular scuffs can be removed using a microfibre cloth – just slightly dampen the cloth and buff away the scuff.

Cleaning Solutions

You have a few options when cleaning your vinyl flooring.

Apple cider vinegar works well to clean vinyl flooring because the acidity in the vinegar helps remove dirt without leaving a buildup.  Mix one cup for every gallon of water.

To add a little bit of shine, you can add a few drops of baby oil.

There are many cleaners that you can buy.  Any pH neutral cleaner will work, but there are cleaners available specifically for vinyl flooring, such as Concrobium Luxury Vinyl Floor Disinfectant Cleaner.

clean vinyl flooring

Dealing with Stains

Vinyl flooring may become stained.  How to clean vinyl flooring stain depends on the stain.

A soft bristle brush can be used with many cleaners to remove stains and give a deep clean. However, the following can help remove some specific stains.

Stubborn Scuffs

Put some WD-40 lubricant or jojoba oil on a towel.  Rub the area until the scuff is removed and then clean the floor with vinegar and water.

Food Stains

If you have food stains such as grape juice, ketchup or tomato sauce, baking soda is your best bet!  Make a paste from baking soda and water and rub the stain.

Lipstick, Hair Dye and Ink

Rubbing alcohol will remove these types of stains.  Add rubbing alcohol to a towel and rub the stain.

Nail Polish

Nail polish remover is safe to use on vinyl flooring if you have a nail polish stain.

Vinyl flooring is a good choice because it is easy to maintain.  Follow these simple steps and your vinyl flooring will look great for years to come.