Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Pets?

As with most things in life, pet ownership has rewards and pitfalls. One thing most pet owners worry about is how to keep the environment clean and healthy both for pets and their human friends alike.

This article will help to analyze the typical problems a homeowner might face when deciding on carpet cleaning.

1. Chemicals – Carpet cleaning companies vary wildly in their method and machinery, but one thing most share is the use of some kind of chemical cleaner. Most use solvents of some kind, to ‘dissolve’ dirt, but these can be toxic to animals especially during application and the drying process.

An in-depth knowledge of chemical compounds is not necessary to get clean carpets though. Simply check out the company’s website, and look for references to “pet-friendly”, “eco-clean” or “green cleaning”.

Fellow pet owners can be a great source for references too, as they will know the effect it had on their own pets when they had the service done. Be sure to ask when you are booking, whether there will be any off-gassing of chemicals after the service, since smaller animals are often the first to breathe in fumes of that kind.


2. Cost – Generally, when a service must be modified to accommodate special requests, it costs more. Pet-friendly cleaning can cost significantly more than a regular cleaning.

Many pet owners, faced with those increased fees, (as well as the several hours the service will require) have opted to invest in slightly better home equipment and take care of pet stains themselves. In either case, pet owners absorb certain costs.

3. Frequency – Depending on the number of pets you own, and how active your household is, carpet cleaning might be necessary more than once a year. The impact on pets can be compounded if they are exposed more frequently to cleaning solutions.

Even after some time, chemical residue in carpets can rub off on skin, or be inhaled by animals that roll or lay on carpets. If you notice your small animal panting more often, or licking paws that look irritated, these could be signs that your carpet cleaner was not mild enough for them.

4. Inconvenience – As mentioned above, most carpet cleaning services involve several hours during which your pet must be confined to an area where they won’t interfere with the technician. More sensitive pets can react badly to having a stranger in the house, and the noise, heat and humidity can also cause some discomfort for a house pet.

If you live in a hot climate, carpet cleaning in the house can raise the temperature to levels that dogs and cats find difficult to cope with, and they may need to be removed from the house completely. Additionally, even after the service is complete, carpets take time to dry and chemicals will be more concentrated in the atmosphere for a time.

Be sure to take that into consideration when deciding where to keep your pet. So, for the short answer to your question, yes, carpet cleaning can be safe for pets.

Just be well-informed when you choose your service and you and your pet will probably enjoy the results!