How the Kaivac Cleaning System Plays a Crucial Role in Our Deep Cleaning Program

Deep cleaning is a difficult task.

The best cleaners are only really as good as their equipment. If you want to get things done right, and quickly, it all comes down to the tools that you’re using. We use Kaivac equipment for some of the toughest cleaning jobs.

These machines make it quicker and easier to fully clean and sanitize floors. Kaivac stops the mop.

When you’re using them, you’re able to get floors to their most sanitary conditions much quicker than mopping. Getting the job done quickly is important, but it’s also important to get it done right.

When you use the right tools you’re able to do both. This saves us time, but also helps us in our efforts in the community.

Kaivac: Do More With Less


Deep Cleaning at the YouthLink Centre

The YouthLink Centre is a great place that does a lot to help local people. It runs a homeless shelter at night which gives down on their luck young people somewhere safe and secure to sleep.

This is really important in the winter. With so many young people homeless in Canada, these services are more important than ever.

What is special about this centre though is that they accommodate dogs. A lot of those sleeping rough have dogs with them, either for companionship or for protection.

Most shelters aren’t equipped to handle dogs; they aren’t able to keep their facilities sanitary with them around.

The YouthLink centre is important since it doesn’t force people to chose between their companion and somewhere warm to sleep. Many people chose to spend more nights on the cold street than abandon their pet. This shelter has facilities to solve the problem.

So where exactly does Kaivac come in?


Using Kaivac Equipment

Kaivac: Do More With Less

We use the Kaivac system for the janitorial work undertaken at the YouthLink Centre. Resources are stretched thin for projects like this.

However, with animals and people needing somewhere clean and warm to stay, staying sanitary is really important. They have a limited budget but need a high-standard clean to continue offering their help.

By using Kaivac, we can give them the type of intense sanitization and clean that would take considerably longer using more traditional methods. No hours and hours of mopping, instead the flooring tiles and grout can be cleaned very quickly.

In a centre that houses both the homeless and pets, deep cleaning isn’t an easy task. However, using the right equipment we’re able to do this and do it quickly.

By getting the work done as fast as possible, the YouthLink Shelter can keep their costs as low as they can be, and continue to offer their help to the community.

Getting it done quicker with Kaivac allows the shelter to get things sanitised and clean without running up a huge bill. This is better for everyone.

If you have the right expertise and the right equipment, deep cleaning even the most high-traffic of areas doesn’t have to take forever or cost a lot.