Seven Simple Tips for a Clean Office

One of the key skills that any professional needs is the ability to be organized, but that can be difficult to do when your office is a mess!  Everyone wants to keep a clean office, but do you make it happen?

Here are a few tips on how to get a cleaner, more organized office.  This will help you get more done, be more efficient and give a professional image to anyone who sees it.

Do a Little Each Day

While your janitorial service will help you keep the space in tip-top shape, it is good to do a bit of tidying each day.  Tackling a little bit at a time is much more manageable than being overwhelmed by huge stacks of paper.

For example, why not file as you go? Paper is one of the biggest causes of clutter but if you file it as you no longer need it, it is much easier to keep it under control.

Have a Cleaning Checklist

While you may THINK you have a clean office, there are sometimes areas that get missed or forgotten.  Having a cleaning checklist will ensure that regular cleaning and deep cleaning items are done on a scheduled basis.

Don’t Forget Your Electronics

Many people work during their lunch, meaning that your computer keyboard could be home to greasy fingerprints and crumbs left behind. Purchase wipes specifically made for electronics and give them a wipe every now and then.

This will give you a more professional image and keep the germs at bay.

clean office

Give Everything a Place

The proper storage solutions are going to be your best friend in maintaining a clean office.  If everything has a place where it should go, it will be easy to put things away.

This will cut down on your clutter, remove potential tripping hazards and make for a clean office.

Dust from Top to Bottom

We have mentioned this one before in how to clean metal shelving.  Top from top to bottom so that dust and debris are not falling on your recently cleaned surfaces.

Don’t forget the Walls!

Many people forget that the walls are part of a commercial space and get dirty too!  Grimy fingerprints can become visible overtime, especially when the walls are a lighter colour like white or beige.

Make sure that you, or your cleaning service, are keeping your walls clean.  It also makes the life of your paint or wallpaper longer!

clean office

Cleaning your Floors

Whether your have carpet, tile or wood flooring, your floors are your most high-traffic area. Installing mats at your entrances can do a lot to keep dirt from coming in.

Carpets can hide all sorts of tiny bacteria and debris, so it’s important to do a deep clean on a regular basis.  That can include deodorizing it (try baking soda!) or getting a professional to come in.

Pro tip: Got gum stuck in your carpet? Melt an ice cube over it and then gently scoop it off with a spoon!

Use a neutral (pH7) cleaner on your floors – it is safe for almost every type of flooring and is not too harsh.  Make sure you are also changing your mop head on a regular basis, as they can trap dirt and have a foul odour after awhile.

Why it Matters

Having a clean office matters!  Here are just a few benefits:

  • You have a better, more professional image.
  • It keeps your employees safe and less likely to get sick.
  • You get more done because you are more organized.

Of course, your janitorial service will have many ideas on how to keep your office clean, so you do not have to worry about it.  They are also your best bet in making sure that every part of your office is effectively and efficiently kept clean.