How to Deep Clean an Office

An office might not look as dirty as a bathroom but the average office desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat! To avoid this problem, you need to be doing both regular office cleaning and office deep cleans.

Keeping clean isn’t limited to your home. You don’t need to deep clean every week. Although, you need to do it regularly if you want to keep your office presentable.

Regular maintenance office cleaning also needs to be taking place. Otherwise, you’ll end up working somewhere with more germs than a public bathroom!

What Do You Need To Do During a Deep Office Cleaning?

Deep Office cleaning

Deep office cleaning means doing more than just vacuuming and washing your coffee cups. These are the things you need to cover in an office deep clean:


You need to thoroughly clean carpets and wood flooring. Even concrete gets dirty.

For a deep clean, you need to move all of your furniture out of the way to find all the dirt. You need to steam clean your floors when deep cleaning an office.

High-Germ Areas

Deep Office cleaning

Light switches, door handles, skirting boards, and computer boards all pick up a lot of dirt. They are touched throughout the day but rarely cleaned.

This isn’t just germaphobe paranoia. These areas are covered in festering bacteria. You need to disinfect them during an office clean.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

You need to clean these areas regularly, but even more intensely when deep cleaning an office. You need to scrub toilet seats and sinks, along with unblocking any pipes.

The fittings themselves also need disinfecting. In a kitchen, the surfaces and anywhere else that comes into contact with food needs cleaning and disinfecting.

Vents and Walls

You should inspect walls during an office deep clean and remove any damp or mould.

You need to disassemble vents to allow access to the dust traps inside. With access to these hot spots, you can thoroughly empty them during an office deep clean.


Deep Office cleaning

Windows need cleaning inside and out regularly. However, you need to polish every inch in a deep clean.


It is difficult for you to properly clean office furniture on a regular basis because it is so heavily used. So furniture is very important during deep office cleaning.

How Often Should You Deep Clean an Office?

You should be embarking on a course of deep office cleaning at least once a year. If you want things to stay sanitary, this needs doing more often.

Cleaning every quarter will keep your office spotless and presentable. Especially when combined with weekly maintenance cleaning.

Deep Office cleaning

When visitors come to your office, the last thing you want them to see is dirt. A clean office boosts worker productivity and makes your business look more successful to visitors.

Shutting down for a full deep clean can become a hassle. It is often easier and more efficient to get a cleaning company in to perform a full office deep clean. This gives you the security of knowing your office isn’t festering with germs.