Power Washer vs Pressure Washer

Power washer and pressure washer seem to be used interchangeably.  It makes sense, since they do have some things in common.

Both have similar results and are used to tackle similar types of messes.  Both are washers that use a high-pressure stream of water to achieve their best results.

There are a lot of similarities between a pressure washer and a power washer.  They basically do the same thing: remove dirt or other materials from hard surfaces.

So, you might think that they’re the same.  However, there are differences between the two and there are different situations that require you to use one or another.

Let’s go through the differences between a power washer and pressure washer, and when you should use each.

What is a Pressure Washer and a Power Washer?

A pressure washer is a machine that provides a high-pressure blast of water that is used to remove dirt and other grime.

A power washer is basically the same as a pressure watcher with one key difference: a power washer has a heating element.

A power washer cleans by delivering a constant, heavy stream of hot water.  It is the temperature of the water that determines whether or not it is a power washer.

power washer pressure washer

Types of Jobs That Need These Tools

You may think that the use for these washers are limited.  However, these can be used in a number of situations.

A pressure washer or a power washer can be used:

  • building exteriors
  • walkways and sidewalks
  • parking garages
  • vehicles of all types, even boats!
  • public spaces like stadiums and cinemas

These are just some examples – there are many more!

The Right Tool for the Right Job

Because of the high temperature of the water used, a power washer is best for removing a particularly stubborn or stuck object that needs to be melted to be removed.

One is example is that a power washer is great for getting gum off of sidewalks.  Another is removing weeds; the hot water would kill them immediately and slow their return.

Other uses for a power washer include getting rid of mould and mildew. Another way it can be used is to remove grease stains off of a driveway or garage floor.

A pressure washer is great for many situations.  It can be used on most hard surfaces.

However, it is less effective for heavy stains.  That is when you would want to use a power washer.

On the other hand, there are times when a pressure washer is the better tool for the job.  Softer surfaces cannot handle the hot temperature of a power washer and could be damaged.

The size of the job will also determine which tool is best to use. Large jobs, such as parking garages or a large commercial space, will be cleaned more quickly if you use a power washer.

A power washer is more expensive than a pressure washer.  Unless it is a heavy job, you are best to just use a pressure washer.

Of course, the best course is to hire a professional.  If you are not properly trained on how to use both a power washer and a pressure washer, you could damage your surface.

A professional cleaner will be able to complete these sorts of cleaning jobs quickly and safely.  It is worth looking into that option.