Solving the Post-Construction Cleaning Conundrum

“But it’s a brand new house!” you say.  Yes, even brand new homes need a thorough, post-construction clean before you move in.  Here’s why:

Most people know that construction produces a lot of dust.  Whether that dust comes from wall joists being cut to size, drywall being sanded, holes being cut for outlets and light fixtures, or just the fact that workmen tend to leave boots on even in a finished room, there will be lots of dust in your new home.

What you may not know, is that there are a lot of less visible items that are caught by post-construction cleaners that leave you with that great, shiny new home feeling.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Here are a few things that post-construction teams normally look for, and remove from your sight before you get that first walkthrough:

  • Did we mention all the dust?
  • Hand and fingerprints on walls from the installation of various appliances and fixtures.
  • Many teams are also equipped with putty knives and small blades for getting drywall mud off windows and sinks. They also use them on stray caulking in water-sealed areas.
  • Removal of protective film from items such as dishwashers and fridges, and a then a good shine produced.
  • A visual survey of all finishing work. It is often these cleaners that notice things like a missing piece of baseboard, or a slightly crooked light switch.  It gives your builder a chance to really wow you.

Post-construction cleaning is not an easy once-over dust and polish.  In some cases, not all the water taps have been turned on, and the team has to go back and forth from a single tap to get water for the clean.

One team had to do an entire house largely holding flashlights because the electricity had not yet been turned on when the clean was supposed to be done. It often involves repeated vacuuming of floors after the HVAC system kicks in.

(Side note, be sure that your builder has a furnace clean included in this phase.  Many furnaces are clogged by the drywall and flooring dust that gets into ducts during construction.)

Many items receive the first wipe, then a special shine with either custom products, (like the kind used on your stainless steel appliances) or a healthy application of elbow grease.

Finally, post-construction cleaners often take real pride in that “move-in ready” look. A person moving into a new home should never have to worry that their small child will end up with a carpet staple in the knee, or a beloved dog with be dragging dust over the floor with a wagging tail.

That means attention is paid to all the little details, like corners of floors perfectly cleaned and spotless baseboards.  Bathrooms are also recipients of special attention so as to appear shiny and untouched.

Kitchen cupboards are all wiped and dried, and every surface is disinfected too, even though no one has used it yet.  This is all done to ensure that the process of moving into a new construction home is seamless for the new homeowner.