5 Reasons Why a Residential Cleaner is Definitely Worth the Cost

Hiring a residential cleaner or cleaning company can be a curiously daunting task.  After all, this is your sanctum sanctorum, your domain.

Many people who have strong preferences in the area of cleanliness often wonder if anyone can meet the standards they keep themselves. You might also be worried about your budget, and whether or not you can make do on your own elbow grease.

However, there are many advantages to having an outsider come in for a thorough cleaning, especially during these pandemic times.

Three Benefits of a Residential Cleaner

A cleaner will make sure items are not missed.

First and foremost, no one can keep a regular schedule of easily missed items like a housecleaner.  You may have a personal preference for a sparkling clean bathroom, and your own efforts on that front can be hard to match.

However, when was the last time the spindles in your stair rails got wiped down, or the inside of the microwave got a good disinfecting?  A properly trained housecleaner will easily spot areas that you may not give attention to as often, and make sure they are covered regularly.

A residential cleaner will use professional products

Secondly, professional, residential cleaners are held to a much higher standard these days, and will likely be using products that keep your environment much safer on the virus and bacteria front.  Perhaps you don’t really think about how often the doorknobs of each room are touched, but chances are your house cleaner will have wiped them down with disinfectant as a matter of course.

Most cleaners and cleaning companies bring their own products, and you supply the equipment (like mops, brooms, and vacuums).  This can actually be very good for your budget, since their products are likely more expensive than what you would buy for yourself, and you can keep a more limited array of products.

You can avoid the jobs that you hate

Third, hiring a cleaner will get all those jobs you hate doing done, for a much lower personal cost.  One new client expressed this sentiment to her cleaner, “If it weren’t for you, I would never, EVER, have known the inside of my oven was grey and not black!”

It is true that certain jobs can cost extra, like oven cleaning (due to the time required) and laundry (again, it is all about the time), but offloading a hated chore to a residential cleaner can relieve stress in a way we all need these days.

A clean home contributes to better well-being

Fourth, a clean environment contributes to overall good health and well-being.  Stepping into a shining bathroom or kitchen encourages the user to clean up after themselves.

At times, the presence of a residential cleaner encourages children and teenagers to tidy up the spaces they occupy.

It frees up your time for more important things

Finally, depending on the size of your home, and how many people live in it, keeping up with the daily tidying and mopping up can be extremely time-consuming.  For what can be the equivalent of your teenager’s cell phone bill every few weeks, you can be sure those tidy spaces really have that deep-down clean, and your family can get on with the more important stuff in life.