Why Clean Your Windows in Spring?

Spring Cleaning!  If that phrase does not fill your heart with joy, you might be debating the wisdom of getting anything cleaned in the spring time.

But, why do most window cleaning companies advise getting your windows done at this time?  Is it really important when you have them done?

First, and foremost, let’s establish why having a professional window cleaner do your windows inside and out is a good thing. Generally, we only notice our windows when they are dirty, or they don’t open as we would like.

However, a lot of money in maintenance can be saved if we are able to recognize problems before we find ourselves forcing that latch to open a window. Professional window cleaners deal with all types of windows and are able to recognize potential problems in function and safety.

One major thing they will know right away is if any of your windows has a broken seal. These seals (between the panes of glass in modern windows) are a heat/cold barrier, and also assist in keeping moisture in its proper place.

A broken seal is easy to recognize over time, since the window will cloud up and no amount of cleaning will clear it. However, a professional will see the tell-tale signs of moisture in the corners of the seal, as well as any sign of mold or mildew developing, which can help you avoid the cost of replacing the whole window.

Professionals can also spot rust or obstructions in a window track, problems with locking mechanisms and a host of other potential problems before they become expensive to fix.

Now, why do this in the spring? Here are 3 excellent reasons:

1. Having used your heating system all winter, the windows have a certain amount of dust and residue from the re-circulation of air inside your HVAC system. A thorough clean will ensure clear panes for most of the rest of the year.

Many conscientious homeowners also have their windows cleaned a second time just before heating season starts again; this is an especially good idea if anyone in the home has allergies. Cleaning the panes will reduce the amount of recirculated allergens in your home.

2. Autumn and winter are hard on outside windows. There can be a certain amount of dirt, sap and even road grime that accumulates during these months.


Removing that will result in a clearer surface over time. Depending on the climate you live in, removing dirt and grime before seasons with wind will reduce the incidence of dust particles “scouring” the surface and making the window look scratched or hazy.

3. Spring is also a good time to have windows done from an aesthetic perspective. Usually, gardens haven’t sprouted, and bushes are not flowering or leafy yet.

So, if a window cleaner has to put a ladder there, or walk in the beds underneath a window, less damage is done.

Whatever your preference, getting your windows cleaned at least once a year will prolong the beauty of those windows so that the only thing you really notice is the coming of those sunshine-filled days!