Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service? 5 Excellent Reasons

The face of business is changing. Less and less people are walking through those doors, and more are engaging with your company online.

So why would a company budget for a commercial cleaning service? Here are 5 excellent reasons to invest in this kind of service:

1. One of the primary reasons for a clean workspace is morale.

Even in businesses where the majority of client interactions happen on the phone or through electronic messaging, employees will be significantly more productive and happy if their environment is kept clean and tidy. Employees who feel safe in their workspace are also more likely to speak in a positive way about the business in a non-work setting, which can boost your company’s profile in intangible ways, and even lead to better recruitment options.

2. Second, clean offices and workspaces can reduce time lost for illness.

Traditionally, companies with less than 20 employees can average anywhere from 2-10 sick days per employee, per year. Considering the evolving situation with COVID-19, as well as other transmissible diseases, those numbers are skyrocketing.

Business owners do well to ensure that working areas are regularly cleaned and high touch areas are frequently sanitized, so that sick days can be kept to a minimum. When employees see the care that is taken in this way, this can also improve company loyalty.

3. Third, commercial cleaners contribute to efficient time management.

When employees know that a cleaner is coming, they often clear their desks and organize their work in such a way that the cleaner will cover the maximum area. This, in turn, leads to employees being better organized, and spending less time looking for paperwork or memos under piles of unrelated work.

Also, when communal items and areas are kept clean, upkeep is less time-consuming, resulting in lower overall maintenance costs.

4. Fourth, client satisfaction is higher after a visit to a clean office.

cleaning service

Included in that first impression is the smell of your workplace. If you have clients visit, a professional cleaner will guarantee that first impression is a good one.

Professional cleaners catch the things your receptionist-turned-night-cleaner would miss, such as wall marks, carpet edges and corners, and cleaning the bottom of that kitchen garbage can that NO ONE wants to think about.

5. Finally, good housekeeping can lead to lower insurance costs, another boon in the changing marketplace.

When insuring a commercial business, the location of the business is usually inspected, and the cleanliness of your workplace can contribute to reduced premiums. Insurance companies have spent many years collating statistics related to injuries, fires and moral risks as they relate to a clean work environment, and they hands-down prefer businesses with commercial cleaning contracts in place.

Commercial cleaning services often have a range of price options, as well as scheduling flexibility, that can make it feasible for even the most penny-pinching budgeter happy. These services may only require a very small amount of equipment to be kept on site, and will work with what you have, it’s a win-win!