Deep Clean Your Bathroom in 11 Steps

Let’s just be honest: There are only a few oddballs out there who really enjoy cleaning their bathroom. Yet, a well-sanitized bathroom contributes, not only to a better smelling home but also to the health and well-being of the people living there. 

Here is a list of equipment that you should have to clean your bathroom:

  • Broom and mop
  • Several clean microfibre or cotton cloths
  • Your favorite cleaning products
  • Toothbrush, toilet brush, and shower squeegee

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

A “top to bottom” approach works best so surfaces are not cross-contaminated with used cloths. Here is an easy guide to getting that “show-stopper” clean.

1. Use a broom to clear the corners and ceiling of dust, and sweep the floor. Wipe off any fans and light fixtures.

2. If the lights are attached above the mirror, dust these off with a damp cloth (careful as they may be hot!) and wipe all ledges that are above the level of the sink.

3. Use a cloth damp with cleaner for smudges on walls and door jambs.  Wipe the door handles on both sides.

4. Spray the shower, bathtub, and toilet with your cleaner of choice.  Let it sit while you clean the mirror and sink(s).

5. Spray the counter and sink, removing all items so that the entire surface can be cleaned.  Wipe the faucet handles, sink bowl, drain plug, overfill drain hole, and use the toothbrush to scrub around the base of the tap assembly and each handle, as well as the drain ring. 

6. Then clean the mirror, and use a dry cloth to shine all chrome.

7. Wipe cupboards and handles with a multi-surface cleaner.  Ensure that at least once every few months, items are removed from cupboards and surfaces are wiped and dried. 

This is especially important in cupboards that contain sink plumbing, as small leaks can be easy to miss, but breed harmful bacteria that spreads easily.

8. Wipe the entire shower area. The cleaner you sprayed at the beginning should not have dried, but if it did, use a damp cloth and gently scrub dried marks. 

If you have a shower squeegee, use it on the surfaces.  Use a toothbrush around the drain, grout, base of the taps, and overflow drain hole. 

9. Then use the dry cloth to dry the taps and any other chromed surfaces.

10. Now, the dreaded toilet.  Start from the top. 

Wipe the top of the tank, toilet paper holder, handle, lid, outside of the bowl, and the base including those weirdly shaped areas where it is screwed down. Shine the handle.

Don’t be afraid to reach around the back of the bowl, and make sure to wipe the water tap attached to the wall and the hose that connects from there to the tank.  Lift the lid, wipe underneath, and then wipe both sides of the toilet seat, paying attention to the pegs. 

Wipe and dry the rim.  Finally, use the toilet brush vigorously in the bowl with a good amount of cleaner, and flush the toilet.

11. Use one of the damp cloths from earlier to wipe the baseboards, and scrub out the corners of the floor, and finally mop yourself out of the room.

Huzzah! Deep clean achieved!