Concrete Solutions

Polished concrete is beautiful and used by many designers as residential, commercial and industrial flooring. What makes it an even smarter choice is that it is cost-effective and durable which makes it a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly flooring choice.

  • Glue Removal – remove glue from previous floor treatments
  • Repair – cracks, holes and trip hazards due to concrete shifts
  • Concrete Polishing – glue removal, repair/grind/hone/polish to a natural shine – colour customization available
  • Concrete Floor Staining – durable, low maintenance, beautiful and rich colour of natural stone, budget-friendly alternative to expensive tile installation
  • Concrete Engraving – etch decorative patterns or logos directly into a previously stained or polished concrete floor, creating a unique, permanent design statement
  • Concrete Epoxy Floor – easy-to-clean, sanitary, customize the colour and skin texture to match the function and branding of your business
  • Metallic Epoxy Floors – distinctive, high-end finish
  • Garage Resurfacing – repair, resurface, epoxy or polish concrete floor
  • Underlayment – cementitious self-levelling flooring provided as a substrate to another flooring solution like tile
  • Overlayment – cementitious self-levelling flooring solution designed to walk on
  • Floor demolition – need a floor removed? VCT, ceramic, epoxy or carpet?