Helping Those in Need With the Design for Hope Project

The Design for Hope project is a charitable cause that pools the resources of the community to help those in need. This charity helps improve the lives of people who are really struggling.

With the contributions of the local community, the Design for hope project is able to renovate the houses of those who really need it.

This gives them a clean and useable home. Otherwise, they would normally be unable to maintain one.

The charity brings together various groups from the community to pool their skills and resources. It is as much about using your skills to help others out as using money.

With the expertise of local businesses like The Cleaning Company, the project transforms the lives of people who are struggling to keep their heads above water.

The Design for Hope Project

The Design for Hope project refurnishes and fixes up their home, a task which most just don’t have the time or resources for under these conditions.


Who is Design for Hope Helping?

This year, the Design for Project has set out to improve the lives of the Nikolic family. These two hard-working parents struggle caring for their three sons.

Their youngest are twins with Autism and epilepsy. They require 24-hour supervision. When combined with their behavior issues, they have demanding needs.

This kind of full-on care puts families in a difficult position.

Between the human cost of such a demanding care routine and the monetary costs that stack up in these situations, the family has to make a lot of sacrifices to keep themselves afloat.

Their home has borne quite a lot of this burden. Remortgaging it has been necessary to pay for their family’s care.


What is Design for Hope Doing?

The Design for Hope Project aims to give back to the local community and help those in need. This year, it is achieving this by renovating the home of the Nikolic family and helping to ease their burden.

Most of the materials used have been sourced from the community. Materials and labour get expensive. However, partners and traders in the community have come together to supply the materials needed to help the Nikolic family.

As well as donating materials, they’ve also donated their expertise and skills. With this community spirit, the project has had access to the most skilled services in the community. This kind of help makes things go a lot smoother.

The Cleaning Company pitched in with the recent Design for Hope project, helping to clean and renovate the home. Most renovations need a pretty big clean afterwards, this has helped make the Nikolic family home ready for them.

Every partner or trader involved with project donated more than just physical materials. Because of this, they’ve had a lot more to work with. The expertise of everyone involved in the project has really helped the community to help itself.

The Nikolic family’s new home will make their lives a lot easier. However, the Design for Hope project isn’t quite done yet. There is still more to do.

A sparkling clean and redesigned home is a great gift, funds are still being raised to help to repay their mortgage debt. The project can really help this family to get back on their feet with this.