How to Thoroughly Clean Patio Stones

Clean patio stones can brighten up any front or backyard. However, these stones can be a less attractive sight if they build up algae, dirt, rust, stains, or mildew.

Your patio stones can become discolored and ugly over the years if they’re not treated right. If you want to get them back in working order though, there is plenty you can do.

Like cleaning any outside surface such as concrete or driveways, cleaning patio stones comes with its own set of challenges.

You have to use specific techniques which can cut at the grime that builds up outdoors. It isn’t as simple as cleaning your floor or bathroom.

There are a few different methods to clean patio stones. One is relatively easy and can be done with items you likely have around, others that cut through worse stains are going to be a bit more difficult.


A Simple Way to Get Clean Patio Stones

This method of cleaning your patio doesn’t take any outside chemicals to work. However, it won’t cut through the worst of stains and rust. This method is best for a maintenance clean of your patio rather than a deep clean.

  1. Mix Dish Soap with Hot Water – Mix these two items together to make a cleaning liquid.
  2. Scrub this Material into Your Patio Stones – When doing this, ensure you’re using the right brush. A wire brush will scratch your patio.
  3. Leave to Soak – Leave the scrubbed in mixture to soak for ten minutes to ensure its done is job.
  4. Rescrub Areas – If any areas need it, rescrub them after you’ve left the liquid to soak.
  5. Rinse – Rinse the entire area with more hot water. This should wash away your grime along with the bubbles.


Getting Bad Stains from Patio Stones

How to Clean Patio Stone

That method can be useful for minor stains, but it won’t do much for bigger messes or rust. In worse situations, you’re going to need to do something a bit more extreme to get clean patio stones.

  1. Mix a Stone or Deck Cleaner with Water – Using a specific outdoor stone cleaner, mix it with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Scrub this into your Patio – To clean patio stones, scrub this mixture onto your patio using a soft brush that won’t scratch the stones.
  3. Leave This to Soak – Soak this for ten to twenty minutes. This allows the cleaner to do its job.
  4. Rescrub Any Sections – Rescrub any sections that require it.
  5. Rinse The Area Off – Since you’re using a harder chemical, a pressure washer is going to be helpful in this stage if you have one. If not, you’ll have to use quite a bit of water to ensure it is all cleared.


This system should dislodge any particularly bad stains on your patio stones like rust and have it looking like new again. Ensure the area is clear of cleaning solution before you let pets or children back out there though.

Cleaning outdoor surfaces can be a tough job if you let the dirt build up. If you’re struggling to keep things tidy, professional services can help you keep your outdoors in order.

With their expert knowledge of how to clean every type of mess, they can get your patio quite a bit cleaner. Otherwise, these solutions should help you get dirt or rust off and give you clean patio stones.