7 Reasons Why Commercial Cleaning is Important

We’re all tired of cleaning vigilance, right? How many times since the beginning of the COVID pandemic have we all wiped down counters, washed hands and sprayed disinfectant?

Surprisingly, the life of a commercial cleaner didn’t change much with the onset of the pandemic. In fact, one long-time commercial cleaner said, “The only differences between COVID and our protocols before are the strength of the products we use.”

In many industries, having a clean workplace is mandated by the government, or monitored by local authorities. Why is having an amazing commercial cleaning program so important? Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Infectious Disease

Our eyes may only recently have been opened to this danger, but commercial businesses have known for years that germs in areas frequented by large numbers of people can easily spread diseases no one wants.

2. Appearances DO matter

Clean businesses attract new clients, and (even if subconsciously) ensures returning clients as well.

3. Food Safety

From the moment food leaves production, even if it is sealed in tamper-proof packaging, there are hundreds of ways it can be contaminated. Bacteria on a counter can transfer to the hands of a purchaser, who then opens the package and handles the food… you can guess the rest.

A commercial cleaner pays special attention to high touch areas that makes them one of the first lines of defense against food poisoning.

4. Employee Morale

There is a proven link between employee satisfaction and a professionally cleaned work place. Coming in every day to a clean space tends to lower stress and make for happier employees.

5. Employee Productivity

This may seem like the same thing, but a commercial cleaner is generally limited by what personal items or work product are left out in a work space. If an employee recognizes the need for good organization at the end of the day, their work space is more thoroughly cleaned, and they can then start the next day fresh and focused.

6. Chemical handling knowledge

commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning companies often participate in safety programs like WHMIS, which teach the proper use and handling of chemical cleaners. It is always better to have trained individuals using chemicals, of course, but this also results in less product being used and therefore savings in the budget!

7. Thorough work

Many businesses try to save money by using employees to do clean-up. However, a person whose job is client service may not be aware of how important it is to wipe chair arms with disinfectant.

Commercial cleaners are dedicated to the details. They make sure high touch areas are cleaned, and catch those areas that become unsightly over time that you may not notice until the clients have.

Paying for a cleaner might seem counter-intuitive to businesses trying to make a skinny budget work.  However, not only is this business expense a write-off for taxation purposes, but most cleaning businesses will happily work with the budgets of their clients.

Want a deep clean only once a month, and light maintenance weekly?  That will likely cost you less than having a weekly cleaner who does those details every time.