Bust Your Dust Today: How to Do It (and 10 Easily Missed Areas)

Dust is inevitable and irritating. Just when you think you have a handle on it, you look at a surface and it’s there all over again.

However, when you dust you maybe only addressing the areas that you see.  There are many other hard to reach, or hard to see areas that may be missed.

Why is that dangerous? Well, dust is made up of more than just pollen.

There are dangerous chemicals that scientists have found in dust that have been to various health problems, including cancer.

Even without those factors, dust can aggravate allergies and other respiratory issues. So let’s look at how you can bust your dust – the right way!

Tips to Dust Properly

Use Entrance Mats

The best way to get rid of dust is to not let it into your house in the first place!  Use entrance mats inside and outside your door to catch a lot of it.

Of course, you want to make sure that you are cleaning your entrance mats on a regular basis.

Top to Bottom

If you start at the bottom first and work your way up, where is that dust going to end up?  Back on the floor.

You want to start vacuuming the ceiling, walls, and ceiling fans.

How to Dust Upholstered Furniture

Dusting off of upholstered furniture can be incredibly difficult.  However, here’s a trick that can make it a little bit easier.

Rub a rubber glove over the surface of upholstered furniture.  It will create static and make it easier to vacuum using your machine’s upholstery tool.

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Air filters last between 1 and 3 months, so make sure you are changing them on a regular basis.

There are other benefits to changing your air filters.  It will extend the life of your air conditioner and reduce your energy bill!

Don’t Overdo the Polish

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  Follow your furniture polish’s instructions.

Using too much furniture polish can lead to a buildup and clouding of the furniture.

Keep the Windows Closed

The more that you can keep your windows closed, the less likely it is for particles to get in.  Your weatherstripping may be faulty so make sure that you are checking it in on a regular basis.

Replace any old or damaged weatherstripping to keep a tight seal on your windows and doors.

10 Easily Missed Areas

We sometimes get into a habit where you are addressing the same areas over and over again.  However, there are some areas that you may miss because they are hard to reach, not used often or not easily seen.

If you want to do a deep dusting (and you really should), make sure that you tackle these ten easily missed areas.

  1. Ceiling fans
  2. Tops of shelves or cabinets
  3. Blinds
  4. Light fixtures and light bulbs
  5. Baseboards
  6. High corners of the ceiling
  7. Tops of doors and door frames
  8. Plant leaves
  9. Tops of picture frames and mirrors
  10. On top of the fridge