3 Tips to Quickly Make Your House Look Clean

Quick – what would you do?

Your mother-in-law is walking up the drive.  You get a last-minute call from your boss asking to host the zoom meeting in your living room.

So, what do you do?  After the initial panic, you need to get organized – and fast!

This article will give you 3 top tips on how to make your house look great in a very short time, as well as 3 habits that will make the process even quicker next time!

Tip #1: You have 5 minutes or less, what do you do?

Removing clutter is the quickest way to make your space look clean.  If your visitor is walking up the drive, neatly stacking shoes and belongings in the front entryway, and gathering up scattered items in the living room will go a long way to tidying up that first impression.

Also, never forget that scent gives a subconscious impression of cleanliness.  Don’t be ashamed to spritz a little floor cleaner on the welcome mat.

Tip #2 Hide the evidence, but vacuum if at all possible.

If that phone call comes and your living room will be on camera, the detritus of life can easily be concealed in another room.  BUT, don’t forget that the impression of clean isn’t just what the camera can see, but also what your guest will.

A quick pass of the vacuum over fabric sofas (especially if you have pets!) and flooring will go a long way to giving the right impression. Also, have a flat-head dust mop handy to spruce up hardwood or laminate floors in a flash.

Tip #3 Clean and curated are different things.

Remember the impression of clean isn’t always about whether the floors were mopped and more about the items that attract your guests eye.  Arranging eye-catching items to draw attention away from messy areas will make a greater impression than any amount of cleaning.

Will your guest be in the kitchen?  Shine your kitchen taps, dig out that fancy fruit bowl you bought on vacation and put a single piece of fruit in it on an empty table.

Your guest probably won’t notice the crumbs around the toaster.


3 Habits for Keeping Your Home Clean

Now for those 3 habits we all need to save us the discomfort of an impromptu visit to a messy home:

First, always tidy as you go.  I know, I know, your mom really harped on that one.

But, you would be amazed at how presentable a house looks when the clutter is regularly tidied even without a thorough cleaning.

Second, have a tool handy to whisk away floor debris.  Depending on your floor covering, a light wand vacuum is a perfect solution for almost all floors, and you will be surprised how often you will take care of those small things you notice if it is at hand and easy to use.

Third, have a window cleaner do your windows inside and out at least once a year.  Clean windows can make a house look clean from the outside.

Above all, own it.  Your house will by turns be amazing and disappointing, but it will always be home.